Girlpope was:
Mark Norris - Vocals and Guitar
Rich Campagna - Bass and Vocals
Brandon Delmont - Drums
Tommy "the kid" Stanford - Guitar, Keys and Vocals

Download rare Girlpope audio. Impress your friends. Stun your coworkers. Unreleased songs, and our legendary Halloween sets! Keen!

Girlpope unreleased songs, alternate versions, radio appearances updated July 13, 2005
2002 Audio Magic recordings - Songs from the unplanned and unfinished Girlpope album that never was...or something! Recorded by Marc Hunt.
1. Soft Touches
2. No Tomorrows
3. Coco (Bomp Bomp)
4. No Deposit
5. (instrumental)
6. "the Spacehog song"
7. enough is enough

The Halloween Demos
Recorded Oct.31.1992 by I.Armstrong
M.Norris - Guitar/Vox, R.Campagna - Bass, Tim Grimaldi - Drums
1. Flowers
2. Hey Pretty
3. Three
4. You
5. Kiss Me Like You Mean It
6. She
7. December Girl

4 Songs (EP of songs later released on the Whole Scene Going, alternate versions, 1998)
1. Indy 500
2. So Far As Now
3. That's A Good Question
4. One Rich Starts

2001 Sidway 4-Track Demo (Recorded by Brandon)
No Tomorrows
2. Hamburger Hands
3. Enough is Enough (reverse cymbal version)
4. (instrumental)

2000 J.Reese Sidway Demo (titles are assumed. Only Coco and Northern Lights were ever played live)
Coco (Bomp Bomp) - Richie making us want to pogo down Elmwood
2. Northern Lights (1st run) - Tommy putting the e's in cheese
3. Northern Lights (2nd run)
4. Testify (1st run) - Mark getting his soul on, and cueing us loudly into the "CHORUS!"
5. Testify (2nd run)
6. the MC5 song - Mark's a-talk talk talk a talk talk talkin' hey!
7. In The Morning - Rich making up lyrics about the other three of us to a pretty song


Single Girl (from the WBNY Compilation)
103.3 Edge Sessions recording coming soon...
Girlpope annual tribute series
all downloads are full show .zip files
Oct.28.2001 - Wings Over Buffalo - Nietzsche's
Wings/McCartney - Macca never sounded so much like a guy from Kenmore, NY doing a Paul McCartney impression! The legendary show that had 'em talkin' for yeeears. Joined by Paul Zablotski on keys, and the Kid plays a little Saxophone...
Nov.1.2002 - Kinda Kinky - Nietzsche's
The Kinks - Where had all the good times gone? Into two very familiar chords!
Oct.31.2003 - T.Rexstasy - Mohawk Place
T.Rex (Tyranasaurus Rex) - Beneath the Buff'lo moon, they played Bolan's tune, for you-u-u...

2004 - Slade - Mohawk Place - lost? or coming soon...